Our Story

Frank Durksen Sr.

Yacht Finders International. . .
The Yacht Brokerage with a Difference!

It is a pleasure to share what sets us apart from most other yacht brokerages and boat builders.

While it seems obvious to suggest that boat ownership should be a series of pleasurable experiences, my years as a boater and broker are littered with evidence that this is not always the case.  At Yacht Finders International, our desire to partner with you is based on a bedrock policy of truly putting the customer first.

Frank Durksen Sr. has owned Yacht Finders International in Anacortes Washington for the past twenty-one years. We have built a strong returning client base and welcome new clients who are looking for a knowledgeable, honest and dependable yacht broker.

Frank has had the experience of overseeing the building of his own Nordhavn Yacht as well as owning many other boats in the last twenty-one years. This has allowed him to be knowledgeable in the operations and mechanical issues associated with all boats.

It is also our policy simply not to list a bad boat. If we become aware of any problems subsequent to listing a boat, we immediately ask the seller to repair the problem or we cancel the listing.

One of the most common complaints from boat buyers is that their sales person had little or no time for them after the sale was closed. At Yacht Finders International, our policy is to remain in a relationship with our customers until they have a clear understanding of all systems on their new yacht. If necessary, we will hire a skipper until the new skipper, (that’s you!), is comfortable in maneuvering his or her vessel.

We want your boating experience to rank among the happiest times of your life!

* Photography by Arthur Grace