Building First Forty, N4001

First Forty

Nordhavn 4001 was built at Pacific Seacraft in California.  Building a fiberglass yacht, large or small, begins with building a plug with which to shape the fiberglass mold, which then is used to form the ship’s hull.

Nordhavn 40 1

Shaping the aft hull plug with a multi-axis CNC router.

Nordhavn 40 5

Plywood frame, used to properly shape the plug, viewed here bow-on.

Nordhavn 40 7 Nordhavn 40 6

The completed plug, around which the fiberglass mold is formed.

Nordhavn 40 17

The finished fiberglass hull mold. This will be used to build multiple hulls.

Once the mold is complete it is sprayed with a release agent, then the gelcoat. Over the gelcoat a mixture of plastic resin and glass fibers are applied, along with heat, to create the hull. Additional wood and fiberglass is added in places for structural reinforcement. Once dried and cooled, the hull is extracted from the mold.

Nordhavn 40 18

Frank standing next to the finished hull.

Nordhavn 40 25

The engine is installed, along with the ship’s plumbing and electrical wiring.

Nordhavn 40 26

Building the interior structure.

Nordhavn 40 31

Interior cabinets and furniture ready for installation.

Nordhavn 40 28

Installing the walls and teak staving in the Master Stateroom.

Nordhavn 40 35

Lowering a fuel tank into the engine room.

Nordhavn 40 50

The galley counter.

Nordhavn 40 58

Frank in the engine room, now with a roof over his head.

Nordhavn 40 62

Testing the Guest Stateroom’s bunks.

Nordhavn 40 65

Lots of work going on in the Pilot House.

Nordhavn 40 69

The ship’s roof being prepared for installation.

Nordhavn 40 73

Bow roller and anchor winch installed.

Nordhavn 40 74

Clothes washer/dryer installed.

Nordhavn 40 77

Ready to install the stove in the galley.

Nordhavn 40 81

Interior finishing touches.

Nordhavn 40 83

Prop, four-bladed 27” bronze, and rudder.

Nordhavn 40 87

Rolling her out of the shop.

Nordhavn 40 89

Time to put her in the water.

Nordhavn 40 91 with nameplate

First Forty at sea.