Listing Your Yacht

WaterfallAt Yacht Finders International we specialize in Passage-Making Trawlers and top quality power yachts.  Few brokerages are so selective. Because we are selective we do not list more than we can service.  We are able to give your boat personal attention like no other broker.  We provide you with a weekly report of web traffic activity as well as continued communications of activity on the docks and communications with prospective buyers.  We provide “Yacht Watch”, visiting all the boats on our docks at least twice a week, making sure all lines are properly secure and all is well both inside and out.  This service sets us apart from all other boat brokerage firms. We provide cleaning services, maintenance care and staging of your yacht, always presenting to prospective buyers the best possible first impression of your boat.

Frank Durksen Sr. has a lifetime of sales experience and twenty-two years of yacht brokerage experience.  He and his team will give your yacht personal attention.  Attention to detail and excellence in communication are what sets Yacht Finders International apart from all others.


Establishing Market Value
We will help you establish a marketable value for your boat, one that will maximize your return yet will accomplish a sale in the shortest amount of time.  Comparable boats and market climate play a critical role in the proper pricing.  Accurately assessing all the features of a boat and desirability are all important factors that our experienced brokers can accomplish.

Correctly priced boats sell…Over priced boats don’t!

Getting Your Boat Ready
Our professional staff can assist you in preparing your boat for sale.  The approach is much like the sale of a home.  Personal items should be removed, a thorough cleaning should be completed and fresh staging elements should be considered.  Getting your yacht in “Boat Show” condition is allowing a new buyer to imagine themselves enjoying your boat.   We can assist in arranging any or all of these services.

Marketing Approach
We have extensive contacts through our professional affiliations with Yacht Broker Associations including the Northwest Yacht Broker Association (NYBA) and the Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA).   Our marketing approach is one of a team effort that fosters communications.  Along the way we will keep you apprised of market activity and business climate.


We display our boats on several worldwide multiple listing services (MLS) systems such as Yachtworld, Yacht Council and We advertise in several widely read quality boating magazines and participate in well-attended Floating Boat Shows.

We prepare the necessary descriptions and specifications as well as photographs of your boat to be able to submit your information to a worldwide audience in a matter of hours.

Presentation and Negotiations
Complete professionalism is displayed when responding to inquiries and showing your yacht to prospective buyers.  Every imaginable question can quickly and expertly be addressed because of the extensive knowledge within the sales staff at Yacht Finders International. The ability to understand the buyer’s needs can eliminate frustration and wasted time on boats that do not fit the requirements.  When the perfect match is made between boat and buyer the negotiation is artfully handled by the broker.  Creativity and experience are sometimes required to structure a deal work that would have otherwise fallen through.  This can only be achieved with a knowledgeable, experienced sales staff.

When an offer is agreed upon the next steps are critical.  Arrangements from preparing the proper paper work, recommendations for a survey, marine documentations, inspections and haul-outs will all be arranged by our sales staff.  Attention to detail is critical to a successful closing in a timely manner.

We only accept good quality yachts that we would want to own ourselves.  This gives our sales people the time to focus on you and your yacht.  We value your time, your needs and the confidence you place in us.  Give us a call and find out why we have earned a reputation as the “YACHT BROKERAGE WITH A DIFFERENCE”.