Buying a Yacht


At Yacht Finders International we know that purchasing your boat is a Dream Come True!  Regardless if this is your first boat purchase or one of many throughout the years it is an emotional experience.  You need a professional to help you at each step of the way.  This is where Yacht Finders International’s knowledgeable staff makes the difference.

The years of experience that our staff offers makes this process smooth and stress free.  The ability to help you define your vessel needs and your objectives is the first step, making sure you get the right boat for your boating requirements.  Do you want a vessel for Weekend Adventures, Coastal Cruising, Ocean Crossings or even a Live Aboard?  These are questions that will be important in the selection you make.  The sales staff helps identify requirements you may not even realize are options.  This assistance will result in a boat that truly meets your needs for many years to come.

Another often overlooked consideration is the resale value.  When you decide to move up or have decided to stop boating for whatever reason the resale value is important.  Careful consideration should be given to the brand name and naval architect or designer, the reputation for seaworthiness as well as the market demand.

Our staff has access to an international database with current listings allowing you choices in your search for the perfect boat.  When the final selection is made that’s when our staff begins the extra work.  Creativity and experience are sometimes required to structure a deal that will work for both parties.  This can only be achieved with a knowledgeable, experienced sales staff.

The following is an example of steps taken after you have received an accepted offer on the boat of your dreams!

The Survey is detailed inspection of a boat done by a qualified surveyor and mechanic. This will determine the current condition and seaworthiness of the vessel as well as any maintenance or repairs needed or that will be needed in the near future.  This report will also include a detailed general description and arrangement of your boat.   We consider our recommendation of a Surveyor as a conflict of interest.  It is important for you to do careful research with other boat owner to make your selection.  An important question to ask your surveyor is “Have you surveyed this type of boat before?”  The more experience your surveyor has the better!

The survey consists of three main steps; a sea trial, in-water inspection and haul-out. A good survey will take all day.



Sea Trial
In this step of the inspection process the boat is taken out on the waters with all parties aboard to determine the seaworthiness.  This test is to make sure all the components perform as expected while underway.  The vessel’s speed, maneuverability, equipment and safety features are all part of this process.

This inspection will test all major systems including electronics, galley equipment and other components on the boat as well as structural integrity.






Haul – Out
During this phase of the inspection the surveyor checks the part of the hull that is normally under water.  This will be a thorough inspection of the bottom running gear, checking for blisters and a propeller electrolysis inspection.


We work with several insurance representatives and will be glad to assist you in arrangements for your insurance needs.  It is very important to prepare a detailed “Resume” of all your boating experience as captain or crew.  Insurance is based on the following factors.

  • Value of the vessel
  • Your past boating experience
  • Cruising waters
  • Past claim experience

If the boat you’ve selected needs to be transported we can help you with those arrangements.  Whether its ground transportation or cruising, loaded on the deck of an ocean going freighter or inside the hull of a highly specialized yacht transport vessel, we can assist you.

When needed we can provide a recommendation of skippers that can help you with your boat until the new skipper, (you), feel comfortable on your own.